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Feng Shui Guide – Offers free guidance and tips to get started in feng shui.

Awaken Your Space – Designs for harmonious living

About Spiritual Feng Shui Healing – Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing, Feng Shui

Art of Feng Shui Services – Ancient wisdom, art of Asia oriental classical feng shui consultation and services for home and office

Feng Shui Research Center, USA – Informational site regarding time-space Feng Shui, face reading, four pillars of destiny, monthly stars, date selection calendar, & much more.

Rising Dragon Feng Shui – Rising Dragon Feng Shui can help prevent or solve over 90% of life issues including adultery, financial entrapment, strange, conventionally untreatable illnesses, depression and repetitive relationship collapse.

Astrology, Vaastu, Feng Shui and More – AstroAndVastu.com offers FREE information on astrology, Vaastu, Feng Shui, Lal Kitab, Chinese astrologers, experts, sell buy old new gems stone birth stone. Ask questions and queries about problems, health, diseases, best resources. Get your personal profile for FREE.

Fountain Feng Shui – Decorative indoor fountains

Blue Sky Feng Shui – Feng Shui products available online such as Buddha statues, Quan yin, dragons, Chinese coins, & more. Free tips & articles to help you increase the positive energy in your life today with Feng Shui!

Mercury Treasures – Feng Shui and Chinese Dragon – Finest quality Feng Shui supplies and Chinese dragons handcrafted by Asian artists. Buddha and Quan Yin statues made of bronze, jade and precious gemstones

Everything Feng Shui – Feng Shui products, information and consultations.

Dzi Crystal – Natural crystal, dzi bead from Tibet, precious & semi precious gemstone and feng shui auspicious items.

Feng Shui Flutes – Wholesale feng shui and ritual items shop: handcrafted bamboo feng shui flutes, crystal balls, chinese coins, red luck envelopes and red tassles for feng shui practitioners and stores. Custom styles available.

Feng Shui Best Buy – A favorite Feng Shui one-stop area. Find tips, articles, authentic Feng Shui products, cures and enhancers for maximum effectiveness at minimum investment.

China Feng Shui Products Wholesale – Wholesale over 1,000 items of Feng Shui products and China Folk Crafts, like bagua mirror, buddha, ching coin, crystal, lucky bamboo, wind chime, fortune bell, candle holder, fu dogs, dragon, money frog, gem tree, mystic knot and more.

Feng Shui Store – Traditional and authentic Feng Shui.

Awakening Mind by Enlightened Enterprises – Where spirit meets science!

Crystal Seas – Unique handcrafted contemporary jewelery.

Serenity Supply – Relaxing music, nature sounds, lullabies, sleep aids, guided imagery, affirmations, yoga, meditation, massage, pilates and music for dinner, romance, weddings and more!

Zarifa’s Touch of Egypt – Quality Egyptian decor, belly dance costume and supplies, metaphysical supplies, fairy figurines books on faerie lore, tarot cards, and other metaphysical resources.

Fossil Beach – Crystals, minerals, gemstone jewellery, fossils and metaphysical products.

The Art of Happiness – Inspirational artworks & happiness resources. Buddha paintings, goddess, angel & Yoga sculptures, love and romance artworks, & more.

Feng Shui Articles – Bringing you the latest Feng Shui Articles

Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology – Feng Shui consultations for homes and businesses from the Feng Shui Research Centre.

Perfect Furnishings For You – Custom built furniture, handwoven rugs and mirrors. Feng Shui consultations for home and business.

Mountain Valley Center – Unique gifts and tools to enhance your Peace and Well Being. Crystals, Candles, Chakra Jewelry, Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls, Labyrinth gifts, Feng Shui, and more.

Feng Shui Research Center, Greece – Feng Shui consultations for homes and businesses from the Feng Shui Research Centre.

Feng Shui Living – Bringing happiness and harmony into your home or work place, helping to create a space filled with positive energy.

Feng Shui Crazy – Feng Shui tips & tricks

Seishindo – “Pure Heart – Simple Mind” Transformation for individuals & corporations

New Age Metaphysical Links

New Age Metaphysical Links

Magical Omaha – Treasures for the Soul. Your ultimate mystical & metaphysical superstore! Crystals & runes, Amy Brown statues, Asatru and Wiccan books, spell candles, chalices, and more!

BestAmulets.com – good luck charms, amulets, talismans, new age jewelry, gemstone totems and figurines, and more, all right to your door.

Allegheny Candles – Handcrafted candles in many unique fragrances, crystal balls, Tarot decks & kits, spiritual supplies & much more.

Mystic Unicorn – New Age Gift and Herb Shop offering Fantasy collectibles, dragons, incense, herbs, spices, jewelry, Egyptian, Celtic, and more!

University of Metaphysical Sciences – a non-profit distance learning facility, offering downloadable courses from the internet or delivered via postal mail.

Northwinds Productins – Shirley Knapp: Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Author.

Spiritual New Age Wisdom – a resource based website that brings awareness into the lives of those seeking to move past their current experience. Natural spiritual awareness and holistic healing touches all corners of your world.

Mind Body Soul – Positive Thinking – keep your mind, body and soul fresh and tension free. A new age self healing yoga practice.

Transformational Tools – personal development, new age products and services that can transform your life. Every area, from personal development to color therapy, provides simple tools for transformation.

What Is Metaphysics? – a metaphysical/new age community, which includes tons of articles on metaphysics, spirituality, metaphysical email mini courses, spiritual e-books and much more

Enchanted Spirit – Metaphysical Resource Center, offering information and tools for personal growth, nourishing the mind, body, and spirit, and opening paths of exploration to help you become the best you can be.

A Whole Again Resource Guide – New Age and Alternative links

Counselor of the Heart – A divine connection to your true self.

Access: New Age – All things esoteric & spiritual, occult & metaphysical.

New Age Spirituality – Finding purpose in infinite reality

Webspirit – Body, mind and spirit ebooks for New Age, Spirituality and Personal Growth.

Om Place – The Conscious Living Directory and Alternative News Room

Occult Underground – Free resources on the Esoteric, Magick, Metaphysics and the Paranormal

Saulat – Magic spells, charms, talismans and more

Tarot by Kathleen – Psychic Tarot Reader Kathleen Meadows, M.A. Famous Psychic from Canada

Dolly’s Tarot – Tarot readings, phone & email readings, reiki, tea leaf readings, workshops and more.

Ask the Answer – Your Spiritual Family

Cosmic Faery’s Tarot – Tarot readings and tuition.

Tarot Journeys – Readings by Gayle Psychic Reader. Accurate, ethical, amazing readings. Specializing in matters of the heart.

Tarot of Timeless Truth – Explore the mystery and truth of the universe with the beautiful images by Leila Vey. Access helpful tarot resources and enjoy this enchanting tarot deck.

Karen Cares 4 You – Specializing in psychic readings, tarot readings, zodiac compatibility, soul mates

Lotus Tarot – Alison Day’s site offers free online tarot card readings, card meanings, a learn tarot course, tarot articles and a discussion forum.

Benjamin International – Wholesale importer of gifts, toys, jewelry and more.

Goddess Links

Goddess Links

GoddessPlace(formerly Goddess.com) A Meeting Place for Those who Live in the Lady’s Light

Tantra Butterfly – Massage

Fantasy Goddess Art – Goddess Artwork

Mandarava – Jewelry, gifts & home decor

Dawn Cartwright – Chandra Bindu Tantra Institute

Hai Global – Love, Intimacy and sexuality workshops

Temple of the Goddess – Heal with love, tantra & magic.

Sacred Woman Sacred Dancer – Awakening Spirituality through Movement and Ritual

Source School of Tantra Yoga – Home study course, weekend courses for beginners and advanced students, exotic vacation seminars and more.

Dating Links

Dating Sites Link Exchange

Searching For My Millionaire – Millionaire Singles, Millionaire Personals

Biker Kiss – Bikerkiss.com is the first, largest and most effective site for singles interested in motorcycles in the world!

Age Match – The best, largest and most successful Inter-Generational dating club in the world.

Relationship-Talk.com – Your online community for love, dating, relationships and family

SuperTova – Free Jewish internet dating site: SuperTova.com is developed only as a free Jewish dating site, which means they have no intention of transitioning into a paid site. The homepage states clearly that this will never happen. The objective of the site is to give back to the Jewish community, thereby, making it easier to promote Jewish dating and Jewish marriage. The elimination of member fees will make it even more possible to reach their ultimate objective.

Angel Links

Angel Links

Angel Reader Laura Lyn

Angel Reader Laura Lyn

Angels by Sharae – Angel paintings by internationally recognized intuitive Angel artist Sharae Taylor, an artist on a Spiritual Journey. God works through her beautiful, ethereal art astonishing most who come into contact with these Angel paintings & their reaction to the Love & Light that projects from these Living works of Art. Guardian Angels & Archangels work through Sharae delivering their message of Light. Artwork your soul responds too.

Psychic Links

Psychics, Tarot Readers, Mediums, Clairvoyants

Psychic Window – Psychic Joan Marie Lawson invites you to ask any of her psychics 1 free psychic question

Whispy – Psychic phone readings, chat readings, email readings, personal readings

Universal Psychic Guild – a world wide organization devoted to making your life happier and more successful through Psychic readings, Dream Interpretation, Tarot Card readings, and many other areas of spirituality.

Psychics & Mediums Network – Psychic readings by phone

Ann George Clairvoyant – Clairvoyant Ann George specializes in Tarots, clairvoyant readings, psychic readings, past life readings, spiritual counseling, energy healing and herbal alchemy for transformation.

Averi, Psychic to the Stars – Let “Malibu’s Resident Psychic®” show you the way.

Michelle’s Message – Psychic Online Chat. Psychic Medium Michelle Burg will give you a clear and consice view of your life’s path and what options you may have.

Psychic Sights – Directory of all things psychic, spiritual and metaphysical.

BestPsychics.com – The web’s best psychic service directory

Aeclectic Tarot – Dedicated to the diversity & beauty of Tarot. See images of Tarot cards, read reviews of Tarot decks and Tarot books, learn about Tarot, receive Tarot readings, and more!

Psy-Center – a melting pot of spiritualists, mediums, intuitives, and clairvoyants joined together with enthusiasts from around the world to share and discuss like interests.

Soul Vision – Psychic readings for the seeking soul.

The Tarot School – Tarot lessons – live, online, on the phone and through the mail! tarot classes, teleclasses, correspondence course, audio courses, degree program

Simply4Psychics – Live psychic readings, free psychic readings

Houston, Texas Psychic Pamela Rivette – internationally known as a 5 star psychic medium , master tarot reader, spiritualist, and more.

Dr. Christos Kioni – Celebrity Spiritual Adviser

Metagifted Education Resource Organization – Psychic Readings. Accurate Online Psychic Readings – live chat, phone & email

Soulmate Reader – Positive and empowering soul mate reader

Accurate Online Psychics – Psychic readings, tarot, spiritual guidance and more.

Ask Lynn – Psychic readings in Chicago by Mrs Lynn

Shirlet Enama – Shirlet is a real psychic and Reiki master. She was born with the gift to see into the human body to see illnesses. She also can see and hear spirits like you hear and see people. She has helped people for over 20 years.

Faye Johnston – Psychic & Master Tarot Reader.

The Soul Mirror – a spiritual, metaphysical and educational center in North Tampa, Florida.

Free Tarot Card Readings – Tarot card meanings, history, store.

Psychic Su Walker – Psychic and medical intuitive.

Psychic Junkie – Retired professional clairvoyant, this site is your personal mystic coach.

Goddess Flight – Let the Divine You Fly Free. Dedicated to helping you soar on your spiritual path.

Releasing Affirmation


As a single woman, I understand how difficult it is to release a lover and a relationship that has ended. This powerful releasing affirmation will help you to let go of your lover, so that someone new can enter into that space in your heart. I remember the first time I used this affirmation many years ago after a relationship ended. I was ful of grief and driving in my car when the DJ for the station I was listening to told us he had the perfect releasing affirmation for letting go of a relationship. I knew from within the very depths of my soul that God was talking to me that day.

Repeat the affirmation out loud over and over again 1/2 to 1 hour a day EVERYDAY. You will have to do it anywhere from 2-4 weeks. You will know when it is working. Sometimes, repeating the releasing affirmation can bring the person back OR someone new and even better will come in. I recommend that even though you will probably be feeling the energy of the person you are trying to release more intensely in the beginning, KEEP REPEATING IT. When you feel as if his/her has been lifted from your shoulders, you will know it’s working.


One Reiki Distant Healing

Lost Love Affirmation


Here is a great affirmation for rekindling the love, joy and intimacy between you and your lost love; HOWEVER, if it is not in his will, this affirmation will not work. Repeat the following affirmation out loud over and over again 1/2 to 1 hour a day everyday without skipping a day.

God is blessing, protecting and saving the loving relationship between _____ and me.

For a lost love email reading click here.