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Greetings From Pink Chick Nudist!

ATTENTION SINGLE NUDISTS IN THE TAMPA BAY AND SURROUNDING AREAS:  I will be hosting a Singles Weekend at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort June 22-24,2018.   For more information, CLICK HERE.

If you are new to the nudist lifestyle, please visit my Nudist Q & A Blog Post

My name is Linda, and I am known as the Pink Chick Of the Pasco County Nudist Communiity. If you have ever been to Caliente Clothing Optional Resort, you know who I am. I’m the one driving around in my hot pink car and my pink golf cart with a big smile on my face expressing my joy of living the nudist lifestyle full time. Oh and by the way, I have wall to wall hot pink carpet. I can’t help it. I am head over 

I have been in love with the wholesomness of the nudist lifestyle for the past 20 years, actually before that when experienced a nude beach in the summer of 1976. I’ll talk more about that later . I am a real genuine nudist.  I moved to Caliente July 31, 2003, before the clubhouse was built. I was totally in awe of the place, and I still am.  I feet like I am the luckiest woman in the world to be able to live in such a beautiful upscale resort   I moved here before the 33,000 square foot club house was built. Sometimes it feels like I am on a cruise ship sailing the exotic seas when I am in the club house and the pool area. Yes, swingers do come to Caliente. I myself am NOT a swinger, but I believe in live and let live. No worries, if you don’t want to find swingers, you won’t find them. 

I am currently single and seeking a monogamous relationship. I do, however, love the erotic flavor of the nightclub at night. I love dressing sexy. Maybe you can even call me a bit of an exhibitionist. The textile world has no clue how fun Caliente is. Like I said before, if you don’t want to find swingers, you won’t find them. It is simple as that.  Believe me, this place is not boring, which means my life is not boring. Most nudist resorts do not have sexual overtones to it, and the nudist lifestyle on the most part is NOT sexual.

I created my nudist website in April 2000 to enlighten YOU who have never experienced the nudist lifestyle and to share my love of the nudist lifestyle  with nudists and non nudists alike. Becoming a nudist truly changed my life in the most beautiful, positive and wonderful ways; AND it can change YOUR life too!  Without clothes, the facades are gone and everyone is the same. I have come to the conclusion that you either have a passion for nudist way of life or you don’t.

I also created my nudist site for women in nudism, because many women walk through life burdened with body shame. We are all Naked Goddesses underneath our clothes. I am here to tell you that you do not have to walk around with body shame.A lot of our body beliefs came from childhood. Many women believe that in order to be accepted they have to look perfect. I am here to tell you that nobody looks “perfect” in a nudist environment. I created a very special page called the THE NAKED GODDESS to help women transform from body shame to body glory. You can also check my blog where I have created a page called 70+ AFFIRMATIONS TO HELP WOMEN FEEL GOOD NAKED.

I discovered the nudist lifestyle in my mid 20’s when I went to  Pirates Cove Nude Beach in Malibu in 1975. I spent all summer long going every weekend there with my then boyfriend. I instantly fell in love with the freedom of being clothes free. This was something new for me, since I was brought up in a very conservation Jewish family household where showing skin was a “no no”. Once the relationship ended, so did the nudist experience until the early nineties. That is when I joined Glen Eden Sun Club in Corona, California for 11 years. I found my peace at Glen Eden, and I felt like it was home.  Now I live at Caliente Resort in Land O’ Lakes, Florida.

 In April of 2000, I started my nudist pages as Linda’s Naturist Place. About 5 years ago, it had a name change and a move to Florida Nudist Gal. I have now moved it to Pink Chick Nudist to incorporate my psychic and nudist pages together. Unfortunately, because I have Paypal on my site, you will nt see any nudity here.


Click here watch my video on my first nude beach experience.

Single Socials At Caliente Clothing Optional Resort

 You are cordially invited to the singles weekend of the century at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort In Land O’ Lakes, Florida

Hosted by Linda Kaye, Pink Chick, Lifetime Member, Resident of Caliente Clothing Optional Resort & Caliente’s Singles Social Hostess

All Singles Groups in the area are welcome as long as your group is verified by management and attendees have been added to the RSVP list.


Cocktail parties, dancing, dinners, fun in the sun and just a lot of naked and/or clothing optional fun. Fingers crossed that there MIGHT even be a foam party on that Saturday.  If you are single and never experienced a Clothing Optional Resort? This is the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet in a safe environment. Come for the day or the whole weekend. If you are interested in attending, email me at for the coupon code for the special discounted weekend and hotel prices.

As the date gets closer to the event, I will announce the times of the events, etc. that weekend.

Once you RSVP either for a day, an evening or the whole weekend, then you will be added to the special page set up for singles events at Caliente, and you can make new friends before the event even happens.

Did you read the featured article in the Tampa Bay Times about our  singles pool party on  Sunday, July 9th, 2017, at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort? . It was such a great success. Read about it here.

Please RSVP to Linda “Pink Chick” at in order to be allowed inside the gate. 


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Pasco County Florida Is The Nudist Capital Of The World

The main clothing optional and nudist clubs in Pasco

County are listed below.


Caliente Clothing Optional Resort & Spa

Land O’ Lakes





Paradise Lakes Clothing Optional Resort

Clothing Optional



Lake Como Nudist Resort



Gulf Coast Nudist Resort

Hudson, Florida



The Woods

Nudist RV Park

Land O’ Lakes



Paradise Lakes Resort and Lake Como Nudist Club are 10 minutes down the street from Caliente Clothing Optional Resort. Paradise Lakes and Lake Como are across the lake from eachother. The Island Group (a very small day nudist club) is halfway between Caliente Resort and Paradise Lakes and Lake Como. The Woods is a lovely nudist club right next door to Caliente Resort. I believe you have to own at the Woods or be invited by someone from the Woods to be able to visit their club.

In July 2003 I moved to Pasco County, Florida from Southern California after being a member of Glen Eden Sun Club in Corona, California for 11 years. I love it here! I am just 20 minutes from Tampa Bay, and there are so many nudist clubs in this area alone. Caliente Resort, Paradise Lakes, Lake Como, The Woods, The Island Group (small nudist day park) are within a 10 minute radius of eachother. There are also quite a few other nudist places as well here. The ones I listed are the main ones. That is why we call Pasco County the Nudist Capital of the World. I love how close knit the nudist community is here. Going to the grocery store (clothed of course) is a social event. Best of all, I feel connected here. In some ways, I feel like I have TOO MUCH of a social life.

I connected with a huge group of people on a Bare Necessities nude cruise in the early nineties and then visited Paradise Lakes several times. Then there was a span of about 8 years when I didn’t travel to Florida at all; however, I always knew I belonged here. I kept saying someday…….someday……someday….and then one day I knew it was the right time. I am now a member of Caliente Resort and Spa, and I LOVE IT! It is the place to be.

Nudist Q & A

Nudist Q & A was created  for YOU to dispell any myths, fears and misconceptions that YOU and society itself might have about walking inside the gates of a nude or clothing optional resort.

What is Nudism?
Discovering the nudist lifestyle is the most exhilarating and most profound thing I have ever done for myself. When I am nude at a nudist resort or nude beach, I am the way I was meant to be- relaxed, calm, peaceful and stress fee. For me, being a nudist means that I no longer have to “hide” the true me. When my clothes come off, I no longer see the inner critic within my myself. I don’t care anymore that I am not “perfect”. Truthfully, I used to hide my”imperfections” behind my clothes. I no longer feel like I am being judged for being “imperfect”. The moment I discovered my first nudist resort, I was hooked. Being a nudist, in a nutshell, changed my life. The huge “perfect” burden that I had been carrying around since childhood ceased to exist, and I was finally able to be comfortable in my own skin.

What Is Social Nudism?

I also consider myself to be a social nudist, which means that I love socializing with groups of people in designated nudist settings. My most favorite times are weekends and most especially holiday weekends when it is the most crowded and the most fun. Everyone is socializing in and around the pool. On the most part, you will find nudists to be very friendly and down to earth people. People from all walks of life and all different classes are mingling and socializing together and have become friends. Without clothes, the facades are gone and everyone is the same. I am a people person, and I thrive on the energy of fun friendly people. It is easy to make friends at nudist clubs. Just say hello. Being a social nudist fullfills me. It gives me a feeling of acceptance that I have not received anywhere else. It gives my life meaning and purpose, and it has helped me to grow beyond my inner boundaries that I placed on myself since childhood. As a child, I was constantly made fun of and bullied, and so I shyed away from large group situations until I discovered social nudism. Being a social nudist has helped me to feel connected,

I’ve heard the being a nudist can change your life.

Discovering the nudist lifestyle can be the most exillerating, the most profound and the most life changing experience that you will ever have in your lifetime. When one is nude at a nude or clothing optional resort or nude beach, you are the way you were meant to be- relaxed, calm, peaceful and stress fee. There is no longer a need to carry a facade. For me, I no longer see the inner critic within my myself. I don’t care anymore that I am not “perfect”. This doesn’t mean that my inner critic never comes out, but it doesn’t dominate my life like it used to.

What is it like inside the gates of a nudist resort or clothing optional resort.

Here is a typical day at a nudist resort. When you drive through the gates of a nudist resort, the outside “textile” world ceases to exist. You see families and children nude and just enjoying themselves. You might see them socializing around the pool or in the jacuzzi or maybe playing water volleyball or tennis. There are lots of fun activites for the children as well. There is a lot of socializing and very friendly people. Strangers become friends almost immediately. Someone is having a party or a potluck and everyone is invited. There is a dance and maybe a band that we are all looking forward to in the evening. Oh and look, there is the weekly Texas Holdum Card Game going on by the pool. We all have something in common. We are nude, and we have nothing to hide. Lawyers and blue color workers become friends.

What is the difference between a nudist resort and a clothing optional resort?

Nudist resorts require you to be nude in the pool areas. Clothing optional resorts allow you to wear bathing suits or go topless in the pool areas; however, you must remove your clothes if you go in the pool or jacuzzi.

What is the different between nudism and naturism?

A nudist is someone who prefers to enjoy social nudity at a private nudist club or organization. I am a nudist, but you can also call me a social nudist. I enjoy socializing with other nudists at my nudist club or any other nudist or clothing optional resort. I enjoy going to parties and events, and I live in a clothing optional resort full time, because I enjoy being clothes free.
A naturist prefers prefers to connect with nature and the outdoors. They seem to prefer rustic nudists clubs with little or no amenities, and they stay away from anything organized and clubs that are deemed “clothing optional”. A naturist prefers nude beaches.

Is it easy to make friends at a nudist resort?

Absolutely, Just say hello and watch what happens. It is like a domino effect. You meet someone who introduces you to someone else, and so on and so on……

Should you tell your family and friends?

While it is up to the individual, I am not the type that “hides”. I am open and communicative. What you see is what you get. I am also the type of person who expresses how she feels. It would have been impossible (for me at least) to hide it from my family, especially my mother. My mother had a dream the very same weekend I went to the nudist resort for the first time (without my telling her). She said she saw me naked in the driveway. I had to laugh. I certainly couldnt hide anything from her. My mother also made me promise not to tell my brothers, but i did anyway. One was horrified, but he got over it. I think my mother thought if I told my brothers it would wear off on them.

In the late 90’s, I found out through a family friend (that I confided in) that my aunt and uncle (my dad’s sister), were nudists. My aunt and uncle had already passed away by then. I was surprised. Apparently, it was a big secret in their family too. I was swarn to secrecy by my mother not to tell our relatives that I was a nudist, so I didn’t. Later I found out that my parents KNEW my aunt and uncle were nudists.

Help! I can’t get my wife or girlfriend to come with me to a nudist club.

The primary reason women don’t want to attend a nudist environment is because they are embarrassed by their bodies; although men have their issues too. I want women to know how safe and comfortable this lifestyle can be-especially if you belong to a club like I do. NOONE HAS A PERFECT BODY. Here at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort where I am a member, I recommend if you are a first time visitor whose significant others has doubts, bring her to the club in the evening for dinner and dancing. She will see men and women in various stages of dress or “undress”, and she will not feel out of place wearing clothes.

Help! I’m a guy. Will I get an erection?

This is a fear that many men have before going to a nudist resort. They are afraid of losing control and having sexual desires. Everyone is the same in a nudist resort. True nudism, contrary to what many people think, has nothing to do with sex and swinging. There is no sexual touching permitted, and you almost NEVER see a man with an erection. It is rare, but if by some off chance that it happens, he wraps himself in a towel or jumps in the pool. There are people of all different sizes, women with mastectomies and people in wheelchairs.

What do i need to bring with me for my first time at a nudist club?

You will need your driver’s license and a picture ID. For sanitary reasons, ALWAYS bring a towel to sit on. DO NOT rudely stare at women’s breasts and private areas and men’s genitals. It is considered rude and may warrent a complaint that results in you being thrown out of the club..

What are the entrance requirements to a nudist or clothing optional resort.

Each nudist club is different. Some have stricter entrance and member policies then others. For instance, at Glen Eden Sun Club where I used to belong, they required single men to provide proof of divorce and they were very careful who they let into the resort. New men (especially single men) are watched to see how they act and if they get too familiar with children. As in other nudist resorts, they are very protective of the women and children. I haven’t been a member there since July of 2003, so some of the rules could have changed; however I highly doubt it.

Some clubs require references, a current member in good standing to sponsor you, committee approval and most definitely criminal background checks. I feel incredible safe at any nudist or clothing optional resort, because I know that they watch out for their female members and children.

Each club is different, so I recommend that you phone ahead of time, to find out their specific rules.

What is nudist social etiquette?

For sanitary reasons, always bring a towel to sit on. Do not sit on anyone else’s towel unless they specifically invite you to do so.

No open displays of a sexual nature.

Do not gawk or stare at men’s genitals and women’s genitals and breasts. It is considered taboo.

If speaking to someone, look in their eyes or their face.

No unwanted advances.

If a man does get an erection, he either turns over on his stomach, jumps in the pool or covers himself with a towel.

No Cameras or camera phones allowed. That is against policy in any nudist or clothing optional resort. If you are caught taking pictures, you will either have your camera (or camera phone) confiscated or you yourself will be thrown out of the club (after your pictures have been deleted).

Can I take pictures while I am in the resort?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Read the above.

Are there many single men and women in nudist clubs?

Many nudist clubs frown on single men visiting and joining their clubs, because their goal is to protect the women and children who visit their clubs. If they do allow a single man in, they watch them very carefully to make sure they aren’t being innapropriate.

There are two singles groups that meet a Caliente Resort. Caliente Singles meets the first Thursday of the month and Single Naturists of Tampa Bay meets the third Thursday of the month. This always single men and women to enjoy the amenities and grounds while there for the evening.

Are there a lot of swingers at nudist resorts?

Many people in society think that the nudist lifestyle is all about sex and swinging, because the internet is inandated with adult, sex and porn sites calling themselves nudist sites; and what a shame that is. As a result, people perusing the internet and the media truly believe that the nudist way of life is about sex and swinging. True nudism is not about sex and swinging. It is a wholesome and beautiful lifestyle that I am proud to be a part of.

Yes, swingers visit nudist clubs as they do in all aspects of society; however, you would never know it, because swingers keep their preferences private, so as not to offend those who are not swingers; and everything happens behind closed doors. If you don’t look for them, they won’t find you.

Is there a nudist club near me?

Although not all nudist and clothing optional clubs belong to, The American Association for Nude Recreation, you can visit their website for the nudist or clothing optional club close to you. The American Association for Nude Recreation is the largest, most long-established organization in North America. promoting the wholesome and healthy aspects of the nudist lifestyle. AANR is commited to establishing and promoting wholesome, nurturing environments that promote body acceptance. You can choose to be a member of aanr through a nudist club (if they are a member of AANR) or on your own. There are many benefits to being an AANR member. Just go to The American Association For Nudist Recreation Website for more information.