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Feng Shui Guide – Offers free guidance and tips to get started in feng shui.

Awaken Your Space – Designs for harmonious living

About Spiritual Feng Shui Healing – Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing, Feng Shui

Art of Feng Shui Services – Ancient wisdom, art of Asia oriental classical feng shui consultation and services for home and office

Feng Shui Research Center, USA – Informational site regarding time-space Feng Shui, face reading, four pillars of destiny, monthly stars, date selection calendar, & much more.

Rising Dragon Feng Shui – Rising Dragon Feng Shui can help prevent or solve over 90% of life issues including adultery, financial entrapment, strange, conventionally untreatable illnesses, depression and repetitive relationship collapse.

Astrology, Vaastu, Feng Shui and More – AstroAndVastu.com offers FREE information on astrology, Vaastu, Feng Shui, Lal Kitab, Chinese astrologers, experts, sell buy old new gems stone birth stone. Ask questions and queries about problems, health, diseases, best resources. Get your personal profile for FREE.

Fountain Feng Shui – Decorative indoor fountains

Blue Sky Feng Shui – Feng Shui products available online such as Buddha statues, Quan yin, dragons, Chinese coins, & more. Free tips & articles to help you increase the positive energy in your life today with Feng Shui!

Mercury Treasures – Feng Shui and Chinese Dragon – Finest quality Feng Shui supplies and Chinese dragons handcrafted by Asian artists. Buddha and Quan Yin statues made of bronze, jade and precious gemstones

Everything Feng Shui – Feng Shui products, information and consultations.

Dzi Crystal – Natural crystal, dzi bead from Tibet, precious & semi precious gemstone and feng shui auspicious items.

Feng Shui Flutes – Wholesale feng shui and ritual items shop: handcrafted bamboo feng shui flutes, crystal balls, chinese coins, red luck envelopes and red tassles for feng shui practitioners and stores. Custom styles available.

Feng Shui Best Buy – A favorite Feng Shui one-stop area. Find tips, articles, authentic Feng Shui products, cures and enhancers for maximum effectiveness at minimum investment.

China Feng Shui Products Wholesale – Wholesale over 1,000 items of Feng Shui products and China Folk Crafts, like bagua mirror, buddha, ching coin, crystal, lucky bamboo, wind chime, fortune bell, candle holder, fu dogs, dragon, money frog, gem tree, mystic knot and more.

Feng Shui Store – Traditional and authentic Feng Shui.

Awakening Mind by Enlightened Enterprises – Where spirit meets science!

Crystal Seas – Unique handcrafted contemporary jewelery.

Serenity Supply – Relaxing music, nature sounds, lullabies, sleep aids, guided imagery, affirmations, yoga, meditation, massage, pilates and music for dinner, romance, weddings and more!

Zarifa’s Touch of Egypt – Quality Egyptian decor, belly dance costume and supplies, metaphysical supplies, fairy figurines books on faerie lore, tarot cards, and other metaphysical resources.

Fossil Beach – Crystals, minerals, gemstone jewellery, fossils and metaphysical products.

The Art of Happiness – Inspirational artworks & happiness resources. Buddha paintings, goddess, angel & Yoga sculptures, love and romance artworks, & more.

Feng Shui Articles – Bringing you the latest Feng Shui Articles

Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology – Feng Shui consultations for homes and businesses from the Feng Shui Research Centre.

Perfect Furnishings For You – Custom built furniture, handwoven rugs and mirrors. Feng Shui consultations for home and business.

Mountain Valley Center – Unique gifts and tools to enhance your Peace and Well Being. Crystals, Candles, Chakra Jewelry, Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls, Labyrinth gifts, Feng Shui, and more.

Feng Shui Research Center, Greece – Feng Shui consultations for homes and businesses from the Feng Shui Research Centre.

Feng Shui Living – Bringing happiness and harmony into your home or work place, helping to create a space filled with positive energy.

Feng Shui Crazy – Feng Shui tips & tricks

Seishindo – “Pure Heart – Simple Mind” Transformation for individuals & corporations