Pasco County Florida Is The Nudist Capital Of The World

The main clothing optional and nudist clubs in Pasco

County are listed below.


Caliente Clothing Optional Resort & Spa

Land O’ Lakes





Paradise Lakes Clothing Optional Resort

Clothing Optional



Lake Como Nudist Resort



Gulf Coast Nudist Resort

Hudson, Florida



The Woods

Nudist RV Park

Land O’ Lakes



Paradise Lakes Resort and Lake Como Nudist Club are 10 minutes down the street from Caliente Clothing Optional Resort. Paradise Lakes and Lake Como are across the lake from eachother. The Island Group (a very small day nudist club) is halfway between Caliente Resort and Paradise Lakes and Lake Como. The Woods is a lovely nudist club right next door to Caliente Resort. I believe you have to own at the Woods or be invited by someone from the Woods to be able to visit their club.

In July 2003 I moved to Pasco County, Florida from Southern California after being a member of Glen Eden Sun Club in Corona, California for 11 years. I love it here! I am just 20 minutes from Tampa Bay, and there are so many nudist clubs in this area alone. Caliente Resort, Paradise Lakes, Lake Como, The Woods, The Island Group (small nudist day park) are within a 10 minute radius of eachother. There are also quite a few other nudist places as well here. The ones I listed are the main ones. That is why we call Pasco County the Nudist Capital of the World. I love how close knit the nudist community is here. Going to the grocery store (clothed of course) is a social event. Best of all, I feel connected here. In some ways, I feel like I have TOO MUCH of a social life.

I connected with a huge group of people on a Bare Necessities nude cruise in the early nineties and then visited Paradise Lakes several times. Then there was a span of about 8 years when I didn’t travel to Florida at all; however, I always knew I belonged here. I kept saying someday…….someday……someday….and then one day I knew it was the right time. I am now a member of Caliente Resort and Spa, and I LOVE IT! It is the place to be.